Cheap Prom Dresses by The Celebrity

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Hi girls, and again here I am with one of our main topic this summer. Cheap prom dresses. Do you want to look amazing on the dance floor? Be a star and take a red carpet walk just like J.Lo., Selena Gomez, Rihanna and beautiful Gigi Hadid. Look at their dresses. I want one just like that. And you can find one very affordable and cheap right HERE. Check out this amazing The Celebrity Dresses ( website. And find one just for you. They have magical dresses and the great thing is that you can look just like one of the superstars for less money. My favorite is the green one on the picture below. It's Paulina Vega evening gown Miss Universe 2015. I love the color and this satin material. Hurry up and check out their amazing website. I love it so much! Find something great for you! And tell me what you think about dresses. You will definitely love it. Also if you don't know which hairstyle matches with the dress you can find inspiration on They have great styles and so many dresses. You can also find some wedding dresses and dresses for some special occasions. Till next time. Love xoxo


White dress by Zaful ~ Zaful Wishlist

Sunday, July 16, 2017

White dress 


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Hello my dearest girls, and here I am again with one  of my favorite topics! Wishlist and dresses! One of my fave websites for clothes have new fancy summer looks and amazing white dress and maxi dress red! So I have decided to chose some of them and make my wishlist! I have chosen these 4 beautiful summer dresses and I am sooo in love with them. First of them is this one two piece dress with red roses. One of favorite dresses. For summer for the beach for night out. It's just perfect. The second one is perfect for the beach and it's lady like. I love it. And the third one is so sweet and girly. I want them all. And the dress number 4 is a little bit different. It's classic but not less beautiful. I can't wait to order them and wear them! They are so beautiful and I love one thing about Zaful website. It's professional and original, but also very affordable. Check out the links to these dresses below the text and check out the link In The Text! Tell me what you think about them. Kisses xoxo

Dress nr 1
Dress nr 2
Dress nr 3
Dress nr 4

Beautiful dresses by EV Wedding Australia

Monday, July 3, 2017


Hello my dear girls, and here I am again writting to you. I am finally home after a hard day and tonight I decided to introduce you to one amazing website for prom dresses, wedding dresses and special occassion dresses and also for flower girl dresses. EV Wedding Australia website is a wonder full website where you can find really beautiful dresses. I have chosen some of my favorites and the rest you can check out here ny clicking on this link. I am in loove with those beautiful dresses for little flower girls. They are just beautiful and I had to put them on the top of my post! The rest of the dresses are really beautiful but not so sweet as those little dresses for girls. They also have very affordable dresses and very nice stuff so If you have any questions you can leave them a message and they will answer you very soon. So , if you are looking for something special EV Wedding Australia is the right place for you. Love xoxo


The wonderfull beach wedding dress. Made for romantic girls and warm sunny days. This one is my fave beach wedding dress and I really like the shape. The color is of course white just like the sand on the beach.  



And here are those great bridesmaid dresses. I am in love with those baby pink colored dresses with lace. So sweet and romantic. Definitely want this one!